Environmental Laboratory Services


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Environmental Laboratory Services at Greenleaf Envirotech.

Environmental Laboratory Services

We offer a variety of Environmental Laboratory Services that are valued for their excellent quality and accuracy, owing to our vast industrial experience and team of professionals. These services are of top standard and can be adapted to satisfy each client’s specific requirements. Environmental Laboratory Services are carefully tailored to meet the needs of the clients. Our main focus is Environmental laboratory testing and Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Testing.

Our Environmental Laboratory Services involve conducting several tests on various parameters of water, wastewater, drinking water, ambient air, stack monitoring, Soil analysis and Hazardous waste analysis . The Environmental Laboratory Services are undertaken by professionals who have hands-on experience of many years. Lab tests include physical tests, chemical tests, Microbiological parameters, and Bio-Assay of toxic pollutants supported by instant and well-aimed results. As well, we do Workplace Monitoring which includes Noise surveys, illumination surveys, Ventilation surveys, Personal Monitoring, Heat stress Monitoring survey, etc. Our Hygiene Monitoring Services are reliable. The Environmental Laboratory Services, rendered by us, are reckoned to be effectual and competent.

We have successfully provided our services to many renowned companies including ONGC Mehsana Asset, Suzuki Motors Gujarat Private Limited, Larsen, and Toubro Limited. These projects have produced a turnover of more than INR 5 Crore.


  • Services are by internationally-accepted standards
  • Validation of Safety Standards
  • Certified with NABL and MOEF Accreditation
  • Schedule-II Environmental Auditor recognized by Gujarat Pollution Control Board