School/Educational Institute

School/Educational Institute:
Educational Institute is a place where a neat and green environment is a necessity. The atmosphere should be pollution and risk-free to ensure the delivery of quality education without any barriers. Following are the needs of the educational institutions to ensure the delivery of quality education:
  • Cleaning of the surrounding area of the school/educational institute
  • Ensure Supply of drinking water
  • Installation of the water and wastewater treatment plant
  • Installation of eco-friendly biogas for treatment of canteen food waste
  • Dispose of waste in an environment-friendly way
  • Eliminating the risk of fire hazards
  • Tackle Fire incidents and emergency situations in a suitable manner
Solutions offered by Greenleaf Envirotech:
Greenleaf Envirotech offers a solution for every problem to remove any barrier in way of quality education. We provide exceptional and affordable services:
  • We will make your School/Institute a zero waste community and save the environment for future.
  • Our team of experts provides proper evaluation for the safety of school from fire risk hazard
  • For supply of pure and germ-free drinking water for students we provide protocols for testing and evaluation of drinking water.
  • Also, we design & Construct a water treatment plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, and Rainwater harvesting for conserving water.
  • For disposal of kitchen food waste and to cut gas bills, we install biogas plants that supply cooking gas for the kitchen.
  • We design a complete waste management system for wastewater and solid waste treatment in an eco-friendly manner
  • We provide and installation of Fire Fighting systems and AMC of Fire Fighting System to make school grounds risk free,