Ø  What is the CGWA?


Established in 1997 under the Environment Protection Act, the CGWA Consultant  (Central Ground Water Authority) is a central government body tasked with regulating and controlling groundwater development and management throughout India. They play a crucial role in ensuring:


·         Sustainable utilization of groundwater: Preventing over-extraction and depletion of this vital resource.

·         Protecting water quality: Safeguarding groundwater from pollution and contamination.

·         Maintaining ecological balance: Preserving dependent ecosystems and preventing environmental damage.

·         Ensuring equitable distribution: Promoting fair access to and utilization of groundwater resources.

Ø  Why Choose Greenleaf Envirotech as your CGWA Consultant in Gujarat?

·         Deep Expertise: Our team boasts extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of CGWA regulations, ensuring accurate guidance and seamless compliance.

·         Comprehensive Services: We offer a full spectrum of CGWA services, from obtaining NOCs and permissions to conducting hydrogeological studies and preparing detailed impact assessment reports.

·         Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize understanding your specific needs and tailor our services to perfectly align with your project requirements.

·         Efficiency and Transparency: We keep you informed at every step, ensuring a smooth and transparent collaboration throughout the process.

·         Proven Track Record: Our successful past projects across diverse industries stand as a testament to our expertise and reliability.

Ø  Greenleaf Envirotech’s CGWA Services in Gujarat:

·         CGWA NOC applications and approvals: We handle the entire process, from preparing documents to coordinating with authorities, ensuring timely approvals.

·         Hydrogeological investigations and reports: We conduct comprehensive studies to assess groundwater availability and potential impacts, providing data-driven solutions.

·         Impact Assessment Reports (IARs): We prepare detailed IARs in strict compliance with CGWA guidelines, minimizing project delays and disruptions.

·         Groundwater management plans: We develop bespoke plans to optimize water usage and ensure sustainable resource management.

Ø  Contact Us Today:

Don’t let CGWA challenges impede your progress! Contact Greenleaf Envirotech today and let our experienced team be your guide to a smooth and successful journey. We’re committed to your success and building a sustainable future for Gujarat, one drop at a time.

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