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Greenleaf Envirotech - Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental Consulting Services

Our professional environmental consultants offer clients comprehensive expert assessment and advice on issues relating to the management of environmental concerns. As a consequence, people are assisted to mitigate the negative impact of industrial & commercial on the environment. We provide comprehensive audits to assess current climate policy, management solutions, and processes and also measure environmental contamination both inside and outside the client organization’s ground. The services offered by Greenleaf Envirotech include Designing Water Pollution control equipment, Air Pollution control equipment and Hazardous/Solid Waste Storage area and disposal system. Greenleaf provides studies around treatability and feasibility. The assessments are performed following the client’s particular requirements. Physical and chemical and aerobic/anaerobic (biological) treatment systems have been implemented in the lab-scale setup of the Effluent Treatment Plant. The exclusive and not the exhaustive list of the type of industries/institutions can be enumerated including Dyes and intermediate, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Inorganic and marine chemicals, Textiles, Paints and Pigments, Mechanical & metallurgical industries, etc. Greenleaf Envirotech has completed various engineering projects in the field of Pollution Control Technology, Water and Waste Water Treatment Facility with 100% client satisfaction.


  • Provide key suggestions to mitigate problem areas
  • Analytical approach of our professionals to solve problems.
  • Site remediation consulting service
  • Design and Development of Infrastructure