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Greenleaf Envirotech's Fire & Safety Equipment and Tools.

Fire & Safety Service

Many tragic situations in the country have already been triggered by fire, leading to unimaginable loss of human life and assets. Many such disasters have been known to divert from the road of tragedy with the cooperation of a few brave and competent fire security professionals who, on their own, wiped out any means of terrible consequences. Our services include Fire Extinguisher Supply and Refilling Services, AMC for Fire Fighting Systems, Turnkey Projects for Fire Fighting Systems, Maintenance of Equipment for Fire Fighting, Industrial Fire Safety Design and Consultancy, and Manpower Supply for Fire Protection systems, and many more. We provide Fire Safety Services based on the requirements of our customers. We supply well-trained, qualified manpower who are completely aware of hazards protection mechanisms. The personalized Fire Protection Services provided by us are both effective and cost-effective. We provide our services to educational institutes as well to make buildings secure from any fire hazard. We are specialists in the designing, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance services of firefighting equipment.

To date, we have provided our services to major organizations including Surat Lignite Power Plant, L&T, Rexroth Bosch Group, and Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd. These projects are worth INR 2 Crores.


  • FPCRO Consultant from Surat Municipal Corporation
  • Suitable extinguishing aids
  • Proper fire safety plan
  • Advanced Equipment to cope with emergencies