Consulting Service for Environmental Clearance


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Consulting Service for Environmental Clearance by Greenleaf Envirotech Pvt Ltd.

Consulting Service for Environmental Clearance

The procedure for securing environmental clearance approval for the establishment and adjustment (amendment) of industrial and construction projects as mentioned in EIA Notification 2006 and amendment thereafter is compulsory before establishing projects. It is necessary for operations that may result in environmental pollution. The major areas which require environmental clearance certificates are Organic chemical, Pharma, Pesticides, Mining, Thermal power plant, Petroleum products, Construction etc. We help organizations to achieve Environmental Clearance from SEIAA, SEAC, and MOEF&CC in a convenient way.

Procedure for environmental clearance includes Identification of location, screening, application for EC, Preparing EIA report, Conducting Public hearing,  review by Appraisal Committee, and grant of  EC.