We usually serve these kinds of customers –

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction ) Contractor for water and wastewater
infrastructure projects:
EPC contractors have great responsibility for managing projects. They need time to time
assistance for the completion of their water and wastewater infrastructure projects. We will
collaborate with you throughout the overall project, ensuring that your goals are achieved and
that you are satisfied with the result.
We offer great services at different stages of project to fulfill the needs of EPC contractors.

1. Needs of EPC Contractor
  • Need for the grant of NOC/CCA clearance from the state pollution control board
  • Need for expert designer for Sewage treatment plants or Effluent Treatment Plants.
  • Technology provider for Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology for treatment of effluents/sewage
  • Need for tailor-made and reliable Turnkey Projects Solution provider
  • Need for Supply, Installation, and commissioning service for Sewage treatment plants or Effluent treatment plants electrochemical equipment
  • Need for Project Management Services
Solutions offered by Greenleaf Envirotech:

Greenleaf Envirotech has reliable and cost-effective solutions for all the above needs of customers. We tailor-made solutions to cope with the needs and problems of our valuable customers. Here is a brief look at our offered services:

  • We provide quick and expert service for Design Engineering of Sewage treatment plants
    or Effluent Treatment Plant. Our team of professionals performs detailed engineering
    design starts from environmental/hydraulic process, civil structure, electromechanical & instrumentation and provides detailed design reports along with all necessary
    drawings for sewage treatment plant/effluent treatment plant.
  • We provide SBR technology at a fair price. This technology is efficient and most acceptable for treatment of sewage wastewater for large capacity plants of municipal
    corporations. Treated effluent is fit for discharge into water bodies.
  • We provide SBR technology at a fair price. This technology is efficient and most acceptable for treatment of sewage wastewater for large capacity plants of municipal
    corporations. Treated effluent is fit for discharge into water bodies.
  • We provide detailed Turnkey project solutions for wastewater treatment infrastructure projects. We design, construct, supply, install and commission the plant for Sewage Treatment processes, Effluent Treatment processes, and ZLD treatment.
  • We provide reliable Design Engineering services along with good quality
    Electromechanical Equipment Supply, Installation and commissioning services for
    Sewage treatment plants or Effluent treatment plants,
  • We provide solutions for Project management Service (PMC) in the field of
    Environmental, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, or Instrumentation Engineering field for the
    design and construction of sewage treatment plants or effluent treatment plants.
  • We help EPC contractors with the grant of NOC/CCA clearance from the state pollution
    control board for sewage treatment plants or effluent treatment plants.
2. Manufacturing Industries:

Manufacturing Industries face a lot of problems related to environmental protection. These problems need continuous help and assistance. Our company is dedicated to providing solutions to these problems reliably and cost-effectively. The common needs and problems of manufacturing industries are:

  • Legal consulting service for NOC/CCA
  • Plastic Waste Management Registration
  • CGWA Permission Consulting work
  • Environmental monitoring service
  • Design and Construct an effluent treatment plant
  • Identify the impact on the environment and its solutions to reduce impact
Solutions offered by Greenleaf Envirotech:
  • We help for grants of NOC/CCA by providing legal consulting services in a convenient mode.
  • We provide Plastic Waste Management Registration consultancy and CGWA Permission Consulting work with the help of dedicated professionals.
  • We provide environmental monitoring service. Our tools and techniques are up to date and give accurate and reliable results. Our Laboratory is recognized by MOEF&CC, certified by NABL & GPCB. We offer reliable and accurate environmental monitoring services at a reasonable price.
  • We specifically design and build Effluent Treatment Plant to reduce the impact of hazards of effluent on the environment. We provide solutions to treat effluent from various manufacturing Dyes and intermediate, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Inorganic and marine chemicals, Textiles, Paints and Pigments, and Mechanical & metallurgical industries.
  • We also provide operation and maintenance services for the effluent treatment plant to ensure the legal norms for treated effluent.
  • Our team of experts do on-site visit and identify the impact on the environment and make your business environmentally sustainable.
3. School/Educational Institute:

Educational Institute is a place where a neat and green environment is a necessity. The atmosphere should be pollution and risk-free to ensure the delivery of quality education without
any barriers. Following are the needs of the educational institutions to ensure the delivery of
quality education:

  • Cleaning of the surrounding area of the school/educational institute
  • Ensure Supply of drinking water
  • Installation of the water and wastewater treatment plant
  • Installation of eco-friendly biogas for treatment of canteen food waste
  • Dispose of waste in an environment-friendly way
  • Eliminating the risk of fire hazards
  • Tackle Fire incidents and emergency situations in a suitable manner
Solutions offered by Greenleaf Envirotech:
Greenleaf Envirotech offers a solution for every problem to remove any barrier in way of quality education. We provide exceptional and affordable services:
  • We will make your School/Institute a zero waste community and save the environment for future.
  • Our team of experts provides proper evaluation for the safety of school from fire risk hazard
  • For supply of pure and germ-free drinking water for students we provide protocols for testing and evaluation of drinking water.
  • Also, we design & Construct a water treatment plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, and Rainwater harvesting for conserving water.
  • For disposal of kitchen food waste and to cut gas bills, we install biogas plants that supply cooking gas for the kitchen.
  • We design a complete waste management system for wastewater and solid waste treatment in an eco-friendly manner
  • We provide and installation of Fire Fighting systems and AMC of Fire Fighting System to make school grounds risk free,
4. Manufacturing Industries:

Hotels are the locations where the greatest sanitation is required. The reform will not happen until every member of society joins the Green and Clean movement. They are responsible for the massive portion of the waste that contaminates environment. Hotel management faces a variety of challenges in keeping their surroundings clean and organized, some of which are given below.

  • Composting of garden waste material
  • Water and Wastewater management system
  • CGWA Permission Consulting work
  • Pure drinking water supply
  • Making buildings Fire risk and Emergencies free
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Biogas plant for Kitchen waste disposal
  • Installation of Fire alarms and fire fighting system
Solutions offered by Greenleaf Envirotech:

Our professionals always come up with effective, advanced, and cost-effective solutions. Hotels should adopt Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce policy to play their part in a Clean and Green Environment.

Here is a look at solutions offered by us:

  • We provide services for composting biodegradable waste and recycling for non-biodegradable waste in an eco-friendly way.
  • For wastewater treatment, we design and install an environment-friendly Sewage/Effluent
    treatment plant that efficiently makes wastewater fit to discharge into the environment.
  • We evaluate the drinking water of your vicinity at our Environmental Laboratory

  • We design and install a water treatment plant and Rainwater harvesting plant for conserving water.
  • There is always a risk, to make your building risk-free, we install firefighting systems and
    take AMC contract for firefighting equipment at reasonable prices.
  • We install standard and high caliber equipment and alarms to make the buildings and
    surrounding ready to tackle any emergencies and misfortune.
  • We install efficient biogas plants that occupy less space and treat kitchen waste at high efficiency and low maintenance will provide good calorific bio gas for cooking purpose.