The National Green Tribunal (NGT) Act of 2010 is a significant legislation in India aimed at addressing environmental concerns and ensuring sustainable development. The NGT was established to provide a specialized forum for the effective and expeditious disposal of cases related to environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, and the enforcement of environmental laws.

Key provisions of the NGT Act, 2010:
  1. Composition: The NGT consists of judicial and expert members with expertise in environmental matters. The Chairperson, judicial members, and expert members collectively contribute to the effective functioning of the tribunal.
  2. Jurisdiction: The NGT has jurisdiction over all civil cases that involve a substantial question related to the environment. It can hear matters dealing with the enforcement of any legal right relating to the environment and compensation for damages.
  3. Powers and Procedures: The tribunal is vested with powers to hear cases and resolve disputes related to environmental issues. It follows a summary procedure to ensure the expeditious disposal of cases, promoting timely justice in environmental matters.
  4. Applicability: The NGT Act is applicable to the whole of India. It covers matters related to water, air, and soil pollution, as well as issues concerning forests, wildlife, and biodiversity conservation.
  5. Appeal: Decisions of the NGT can be appealed before the Supreme Court of India. The Act ensures a hierarchical system of legal recourse to address environmental disputes.
Amendments to the NGT Act:

Over the years, there have been amendments to the NGT Act to enhance its effectiveness and address emerging environmental challenges. These amendments may include provisions to broaden the scope of the tribunal, streamline procedures, or incorporate new aspects of environmental governance.

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, it’s recommended to check for any recent amendments or developments related to the NGT Act, as the legal landscape is subject to change.