Full FormSewage Treatment PlantFaecal Sludge Treatment Plant
PurposeDesigned to treat sewage water which may include human waste, chemicals, solids and oils.FSTP addresses only faecal sludge.
SourceSewage waste generated from  residential, institutional, commercial and industrial establishmentsHuman waste collected from pit latrines, septic tanks and other on-site sanitation system
Motive/ GoalTo treat and remove pollutants (organic matter, pathogens, harmful substance) making water suitable for discharge/ other reuse applications.To reduce the volume of sludge, eliminate pathogens and produce a stabilized, sanitized & potentially reusable end product or otherwise which can be handled/ disposed off safely.
Treatment processesTreatment processes usually employed are screening, settling, biological treatment and disinfection.Most commonly used processes include anaerobic digestion, composting, disinfection and aerobic treatment.
VolumeHigh volume of influent is treated.Low volume of influent is treated.
ContaminantsWaste contains high amounts of oil, chemicals and organic content.Waste contains higher solids/ sludge content.
O&MO&M requirements are similar.O&M requirements are similar.
Effluent qualityHigh quality of effluent achieved.Low quality of effluent achieved.
Application after treatmentThe treated effluent is used for irrigation purpose.The treated effluent is used for agricultural purposes.
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